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Business Bank Accounts in Ireland

Opening a business Bank Account in Ireland is an obvious requirement for any new business. So what type of business Bank Account should you open and what will you need when opening the account.

Documents Required to Open a Business Bank Account

In order to open a business Bank Account in Ireland you will generally be required to produce and provide the following documents.

(a) a copy of the Constitution/ Memorandum & Articles of Association of the company and a copy of the original Certificate of Incorporation for a company or a copy of the certificate of business registration for a sole trader or partnership. Note that you should never leave original certificates with the bank - you may choose to discontinue your business bank account with that particular bank in the future and you do not need the hassle of trying to recover original documents when moving bank account elsewhere. Sight and copy of the original certificate should be sufficient for any new bank account opening.

(b) proof of identity for the company owners, company officers etc. This will take the form of producing a copy of the photo I.D. passport/driving licence for each person together with a copy, for each person of a utility bill displaying their current residential address

(c) a Bank Account mandate indicating the signing authority on the business bank account.

(d) copy of the resolution in the case of a limited company allowing the company to open a business bank account.

(e) where arrangements for financing and or overdraft are being made at the time of opening the Bank Account a set of accounts, projected or otherwise may be requested by the bank in question.