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Choosing a Limited Company Name

What you Should Know

Your proposed choice of limited company name requires approval by the Registrar of Companies. Company names cannot be reserved or pre- approved in Ireland. 

You should at the outset be aware that automatic company name checkers (found on some websites) is not a reliable guide to the availability of a company name. This particular type of limited company name checking is not reliable, does not in any way search potential company name conflicts and or take into account prohibited company names

Generally where the name chosen has already been used or is "like sounding" or similar to a name already registered the Registrar will refuse the name. The Registrar will also refuse a name if it implies State sponsorship or is generally thought to be offensive. Use of certain words such as "bank", "insurance" and "group" requires special permission and further clarification. 

Your proposed limited company name  should include sufficient distinguishing words so as not to conflict with an already existing company name on the register. It is most unlikely that company names such as ABC Limited, DEF Limited or similar will be acceptable for registration as they may not be considered to be sufficiently distinguishing. Non descriptive words such as "services, "solutions", "system", " international, " Ireland" are not considered to be sufficiently distinguishing by the Registrar.

We realise that you want to get started in your chosen business as soon as possible. We do not, however recommended that you proceed to the printing of stationary and related products and or engage in contracts in the proposed company name until such time as a Certificate of Incorporation has been issued by the Registrar of Companies.


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