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How to Choose Limited Company Names

Will My Choice of Limited Company Name be Approved?

Your proposed choice of Limited Company Name requires approval by the Registrar of Companies.

It is important at the outset to ensure that your prosed limited company name does not conflict in any manner with a company name already registered at the CRO.

You may find automatic company name checkers (found on some websites) that may indicate that your prosed company name is avaialble only to find that once your have submiyted your application the Registrar at the CRO deems it too similar or like soundinmg to a company name alraedy registered. Online company name checker may not therefore be considered to be a reliable guide with regard to the availability of a Limited Company Name in every case.

The bset source of information with regard to any proposed company name is to search the files directly at the CRO. You may do that on this link - Search CRO

TOP TIP! Generally where the name chosen has already been used or is "like sounding" or similar to a name already registered the Registrar will refuse the name. The Registrar will also refuse a name if it implies State sponsorship or is generally thought to be offensive. Use of certain words such as "bank", "insurance" "investment" and "group" requires special permission and further clarification. 

Your proposed Limited Company Name should include sufficient distinguishing words so as not to conflict with an already existing company name on the register. It is most unlikely that company names such as ABC Limited, DEF Limited or similar will be acceptable for registration as they may not be considered to be sufficiently distinguishing. Non descriptive words such as "services, "solutions", "system", " international, " Ireland" "trading" are not considered to be sufficiently distinguishing by the Registrar.

Preliminary Name Check

Even if a preliminary name check indicates a proposed company name as being "available" this in no way guarantees that the company name so indicated will be registered at the Companies Registration Office. You may if you find that the company name you are proposing is avaialble for registration apply to reserve that particular name pending sending in your official application documents.

It is generally advisable not to proceed to the branding of stationary, related documents, products and or engage in contracts in the proposed company name until such time as an official Certificate of Incorporation has been issued by the Registrar of Companies.

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