Irish Corporate & Legal Services

Business & Company Formations

Business & Company Formations are Company Registration Agents, Company Secretaries.. Business & Company Formations have provided Irish corporate & legal compliance services, business support and Company Secretarial outsourcing in Ireland for almost 25 years.

Company Registration Agents

Business & Company Formations are long established Company Registration Agents and are accredited filing agents at the Companies Registration Office in Ireland, UK Companies House and are approved filing agents at most of the major corporate registries worldwide.

Business & Company Formations also publish numerous articles on business start up information and business name registration services.

Legal Document Drafting

Our corporate compliance and legal document drafting services are used annually by private individuals, company directors, entrepreneurs, law firms, accounting firms, banks and Government agencies.

The choice of assistance and resources available to business start ups can be daunting, sometimes putting off those thinking of "starting up" because of the inconvenience and array of fees.

By using the website we can help you find the most appropriate Company Registration package, Company Secretarial, Corporate Compliance legal support or legal service administration resource.